The male winter type

It seems as if nature had grabbed the quill instead of pencils and pastel colours and was drawing the landscape in sharp lines: White and black prevail in the scenery, colour is only added occasionally. The winter is in a strong contrast with the other three seasons: spring, which represents the awakening and blossoming of nature with its clear, vivid colours; summer, which embodies softness with its muffled pastel colours; autumn, the splendid colours of which symbolize the maturing of nature.

The male winter type:

Personal colour scheme: The eye colour of the male winter type may be deep black, onyx-coloured, intensely blue or sometimes teal. The hair colour is usually black. When the hair loses its natural pigmentation, it turns silver-grey, iron-grey or white at the temples, sometimes the very clear-defined beard remains black. The skin colour is olive, but there are also shades of peach or coral.

Physical traits (these are general tendencies of men with a winter colour scheme, no individual characterization): The build is long, slim and the contours are clear. The face is symmetrical, the posture and walk are dignified and elegant.

Personality traits (these are general tendencies of men with a winter colour scheme, no individual characterization): Male winter types seem to embody kings, princes, dukes and knights. They are polite gentlemen and behave very courteously to women.

They often work in administration, delegating physical tasks to others. Typical jobs are public relations and advertising. Their comprehensive vision often helps them get leading positions, in which it is vital to have an overview.

Male winter types usually have a calm, melodic voice. Just like the female winter types, they appreciate quiet a lot. They need a certain degree of silence around them every day.

Colours for the winter type: The values of the colours determine the quality of colours for the male winter type: the high contrasts between black and white, blue shades from light to dark and grey tones from light to dark come directly from the pure pigments. Many winter colours are characteristic of minerals or metals, such as silver, tin, chrome, black iron and glass. The combination of pure red or blue pigments into neutral colours creates drama and clarity. Smooth, firm fabrics are best suited for the male winter type.

White: pure white, blue-white, chalk-white, cool off-white


Grey: anthracite, platinum, silver, light to medium grey, putty

Blue: marine, royal blue, black-blue, ice-blue

Green: fir-green, emerald, icy mint

Yellow: icy yellow, lemon

Red: blue-red, clear red, purple, ruby, scarlet

Pink: cyclamen, ice-rose, Erika rose

Violet: blue-violet, violet, lavender, lilac, ice-lilac

Brown: black-brown

Metals: Silver or white gold for jewelry such as watches of tiepins corresponds to the characteristics of the winter type better than yellow gold. Jewelry should be big, with clear lines, simple and dramatic, never to filigree, playful or delicate.

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