The female spring type

The colours in spring seem like painted with watercolour, fresh, colourful, with a strong brushstroke. The green-tones symbolize nature’s awakening: sun-drenched and washed by the rain, clear and bursting with life.

Nature is in gleeful anticipation. Tulips, daffodils and crocuses show brilliant red and yellow, the trees grow fresh green leaves, in between blossoms in creme-white, pink and apricot-coloured. Golden sunlight floods the scenery with light, warmth and bright shine. If there should be clouds in the sky, it looks as if they’d been washed pure white by the spring rain.

The female spring type:

Personal colour scheme: The bright golden shine of a spring day is reflected in the colour scheme of the female spring type. The eyes are mostly a bright blue, but also blue-green, green-blue, baby-blue, blue-grey or brown. The golden, yellow-golden or yellow-brown tone of the hair is characteristic. Usually, the golden shining lights in the hair outshine every other impression. The skin tone is ivory- or peach-coloured.

Physical traits: In general, the eyes, nose, cheeks, mouth and chin are often rounded, and very often there are dimples. The shape of the face is usually round or oval. The facial expression is very lively. The body’s contours are rounded and soft, but there are also tall and slim types of spring women. Gathers and ruffles can produce soft effects that correspond to the natural expression of the spring woman.

Personality traits (these are general tendencies of women with a spring colour scheme, no individual characterization): The sunny colour tones of the spring type seem to be reflected in the personality: warmth, spontaneity, liveliness, happiness, cheerfulness are typical characteristics. The spring type has a wide awake spirit, charming manners and has many different interests. The spring type seems ageless with a forever young spirit. She is surrounded by a basic aura of cheerfulness, which makes interpersonal relationships easier for her. She prefers informal gatherings to big social events. She likes having people around as well as big family meetings. Spring types are rarely silent but don’t usually bother others with their own worries. The spring woman may be easily annoyed, but the annoyance ceases just as easily. She is good at jobs involving communication or PR.

Colours for the spring woman:

Champagne: delicate, creamy white and beige tones, wool-white

Brown: brown-beige, hazelnut, chestnut, cinnamon, nutmeg, camelhair
Blue: Forget-me-not, aquamarine, amethyst-violet, syringe-turquoise (yellow-based), cornflower-blue

Red: tomato, poppy, strawberry, salmon, coral

Pink: peach, apricot, salmon-pink, tulipwood

Green: apple-green, spring-green, yellowish mint

Yellow: daffodil, sun-yellow, light and delicate, warm yellow tones, gold

Orange: yellow-orange

All colours should be clear and bright in order to express warmth, liveliness and cheerfulness. You should avoid all blue-red tones, dark red tones, burgundy and very intensive pink.

Ornaments: image consultation: the lines emphasizing the expression of the spring type are sweeping lines such as circles or semicircles, like in delicate flowers and plants.

Effects: image consultation: the spring woman may wear a ruffle and look chic in it or a bouquet on her coat, a head embellished with flowers or a sequined scarf. Prints should be floral, such as flowers, butterflies or birds expressing joy of living.

Metals: a light yellowish gold for jewelry corresponds to the characteristics of the spring type and emphasizes the golden highlights of the hair and complexion. The darker the hair is the more oxidized gold or green-gold becomes suitable. Jewelry should be light and filigree or broken up.

Lipstick: clear red tones and orange-red are the colours of the spring woman. Dark red or blue-red tones should be avoided.

Perfume: The spring woman’s perfume is fresh, airy and light and smells of flowers and grass.

Focal points of the personality: image consultation: Those designs should be picked from the huge range of clothing that support the expression of the spring type’s personality and enhance their individuality best. The signals clothing sends are nonverbal communication. Including design to express a trait of her personality helps the spring woman to present herself successfully and become interesting to other people.

The following keywords contain a few possibilities of expression that correspond to most spring types naturally: liveliness, lightness, cheerfulness, charisma, vividness, being bubbly, jauntiness, freshness, flirtatiousness, boldness.

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