The female autumn type

The first bright days of autumn turn nature into a colourful landscape that resembles the luscious colours of an oil painting. The heat of summer has made the grass and leaves wither, and now they look dry, smoky, but at the same time bright, splendid and spicy with warm, yellow-brown orange, smoky yellow and brilliant fiery red. A whiff of bronze seems to be lying above all of it. The leaves of the trees shine golden, copper and red against the background of a teal-coloured sky – the only blue to be found in nature during the frosty, clear autumn months. This shade of blue goes so well with the other autumn colours, since it is metallic, stands out and seems strong just like those. The freshness and the overflowing character of spring as well as the softness of summer are over, and instead autumn shows its full, rich, heady ripeness, as powerful as the stormy autumn winds. The ripe grains, the golden pumpkins and the red, spicy winter apples have been stored. The fields have been harvested. It is the season of fulfillment and completion.

The musical expression of autumn is like the beating of cymbals – loud, clear, impressive, arousing, fantastic, with a power that can’t be ignored or overlooked. The vibrations can be felt long after the beat is over. This is how the personality of the female autumn type is clearly perceived by anyone who meets her.

The female autumn type:

Personal colour scheme: The pigmentation of the female autumn type is characterized by very different colours. The colour scheme seems covered in bronze. The eyes can be green, grey-green, yellow-green, hazelnut, olive, blue-green or brown with reddish spots. Hardly ever are the eyes a real blue. Red-haired women are clear autumn types, also women with metallic blond hair or brown hair with reddish or orange highlights. Some also have brown hair that doesn’t seem red but shows copper-coloured highlights. The skin tone goes from a very light brown and amber to a golden tone and a soft yellowish brown. Some autumn types also have ivory, cream- or peach-coloured skin.

There are three very different autumn types:

The metallic autumn type: This type has red hair and a clear, rich colour scheme. She embodies the beginning of autumn, when the colours in nature start to shine. The hair colour may also be cooper or oxidized gold with red highlights.

The tawny / yellow-brown autumn type: The hair of this type shows shades of chestnut-brown, dark red or mahogany, the skin tone is brownish. She can be the pert type with freckles that loves to be outside. The skin tone may also be white, bronze or peach-coloured.

The bronze and soft autumn type: This type usually has brown skin and brown hair or bronze-coloured skin and brown hair. Sometimes the colour of the face may be reddish.

Physical traits (these are general tendencies of women with an autumn colour scheme, no individual characterization): just as the mood of autumn is impressive, women with the autumn colour scheme are energetic, secure in their movements, with a firm tread, or wiry and agile. Some representatives are flexible with long legs, very slim and gracious. The facial features are clearly defined, the chin is pronounced. The head is often rather big in relation to the body. The usually striking face shapes the whole appearance.

Personality traits (these are general tendencies of women with an autumn colour scheme, no individual characterization): The female autumn type is a very positive, lively and dynamic personality. She can be dramatic, fast in her decisions and doesn’t leave other people guessing what she is thinking. She has her own opinion and marked preferences and dislikes, which she has a reason for. Her independence and individual thinking are characteristic. The female autumn type is a leader type and predestined to climb the career ladder. She has a strong longing for activities outside of the house, since the management of the household and the family doesn’t fulfill her sufficiently.

Colours for the autumn type:

Brown: coffee-brown, camelhair, rust-brown, ochre, brown-beige

Yellow: sunflower-yellow, dark corn-yellow, orange-yellow, mustard, brass, bronze, gold

Red: orange, tomato, copper, brick, fire-red, salmon, brambleberry

Green: olive-green, moss-green, khaki, reed, warm blue-green

Blue: plum, larkspur, teal, peacock-blue

The colour scheme of the autumn type is characterized by a luscious glow, which requires bright colours. The autumn type can wear spicy colour tones, shades of green, and also topaz, copper, bronze, polished gold, luscious turquoise and peacock-blue as well as brown tones with a tendency to terracotta and cinnamon. She can wear all orange red tones but should avoid blue-red tones. The colour palette of autumn doesn’t contain any pure colours, all colours are mixed with other tones.

Ornaments: Image consulting: The personality of autumn is best emphasized by lines expressing speed. Tips, such as the contours of a maple leaf, a palm leaf, a feather or an arrow, symbolize this type’s dramatic nature.

Effects: Image consulting: The colour scheme and the physical characteristics of the autumn type require lavish fabrics and luxurious ornaments. Fabrics that have a structure and also leather are well suited. Splendid fabrics such as brocade or velvet emphasize the autumn type’s charisma as well as striking or extravagant designs. She can also wear chiffon or lace, but should pay attention to the choice of colour. Those prints are recommended that correspond to autumn itself: leaves, effects resembling wood structures, ears, geometrical patterns, unusual and extraordinary effects. Flowers should be very stylized. Paisley and oriental patterns are well suited, paisley especially when interwoven with metallic threads. Flowers are not so well suited for the autumn type. If the autumn type still wants to wear them they should best have a clearly defined design, such as green or bronze orchids or chrysanthemums.

Jewelry and metals: Jewelry naturally enhances the autumn type’s charisma. The design should be rather pompous, such as wide golden bracelets or necklaces with several strings, or extraordinary, exotic jewelry. Jingling earrings and bracelets also correspond to the autumn type. Gold is better suited than silver. Amber is a typical gem for the autumn type.

Lipstick: Clear red and orange-red are the colours of the autumn type. She should avoid blue-red tones.

Perfume: The perfume for the autumn type shouldn’t fade too quickly. Oriental or spicy notes emphasize the autumn type’s character.

Focal points of the personality:
Image consulting: Those designs should be picked from the huge range of clothing that support the expression of the autumn type’s personality and enhance her individuality best. The signals clothing sends are nonverbal communication. Including design to express a trait of her personality helps the autumn woman to present herself successfully and become interesting to other people.

The following keywords contain a few possibilities of expression that correspond to most autumn types naturally: dynamics, liveliness, spice, warmth, energy, boldness, dramatic, exotic, flamboyance, shine.

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