The female winter type

Winter contrasts strongly from the other three seasons: spring, which represents the awakening and blossoming of nature with its clear, vivid colours; summer, which embodies softness with its muffled pastel colours; autumn, the splendid colours of which symbolize the maturing of nature. In winter, nature almost drops its colours and puts aside the pastel shades and brushes with brilliant shades. Instead, nature grabs the quill and draws the landscape with clear lines: white and black, only occasionally mixing in some colour.

The female winter type:

Personal colour scheme:

Winter types combine extremes in their expression, just like a winter landscape. Their appearance is impressive and embodies vivid contrasts. The eye colour can seem black with yellow-green or golden highlights, sometimes also orange spots. This eye colour is often found in oriental or South-American types, but also in people with a lighter complexion. The eye colour may also be the green of fir trees, grey-green, pale green, light blue-green, dark evergreen, the blue of lapis lazuli, marine blue or a light, blurred blue. The hair colour is black or a brown that is so dark that it seems almost black. Hardly ever is the hair a bluish black. In some winter types, the hair will lose its pigmentation when they are only between 20 and 30 years old and turn iron-grey, steel-grey, tin, silver or snow-white. The skin usually shows olive shades ranging from light to dark, but it may also seem almost white, with beige or champagne undertones. Some winter types have a peachy skin colour.

Physical traits (these are general tendencies of women with a winter colour scheme, no individual characterization): People with strong contrasts in their colour scheme have a tendency to be slim, have high cheek bones and a slim face. The face shows straight horizontal lines and is clear-defined. Female winter types have a graceful posture and impressive charisma, which people respect. Her build is harmonic and reflects the precise definition of a line itself. Winter types create a design for themselves, just as an individual tree or leaf does for itself.

Personality traits (these are general tendencies of women with a winter colour scheme, no individual characterization): People with an intense colour scheme are characterized by a strong sense of drama. Their posture is dignified. They have a tendency to be regal and formal and rather reserved, which stems from inner security and tranquility. They prefer having people feel attracted by them to approaching other people themselves. They hide their passion under a calm surface. Even though the winter type is simply independent, more sociable people are often shy with winter types or find them taciturn or distanced because of the winter type’s clarity and noble ways. Winter types have a very clear perception of themselves that allows them to know what impression they have on others. Many winter types can be found in theatres, but also their lifestyle and personal surroundings should enable them to be “on stage”.

Most winter types have long-lasting friendships due to their intelligence and unmistakable communication. People whose colour scheme very strictly corresponds to the winter type are highly self-disciplined. Punctuality is an important virtue to them, in consideration of other people’s schedules. Winter types strive for perfection and feel even better when they have exceeded it. Winter types should learn to cherish perfection once they’ve reached it. In analogy with the contrasts in their colour scheme, winter types make decisions based on black and white if they have the final say.

Female winter types characteristically have a congenital sense of design that allows them to discover every deviation from the simplicity of a clear line. Her sense of formality is distracted by asymmetrical and off-centered designs, ranging from hairstyles to furniture. Her discipline drives her to express herself very tastefully before she is satisfied.

Female winter types with a strong desire for cultivation and sophistication may find it hard to adjust to life in more rural areas, where the style may be more casual. Usually, winter types prefer an elegant lifestyle that is refined, with furniture and accessories in silver and made from crystal, rather than wooden bowls and ceramic.

Quiet is very important for female winter types. They need a certain amount of silence around them every day.

Colours for the winter type:

White: pure white, blue-white, chalk-white, cool off-white


Grey: anthracite, platinum, silver, light to medium grey, putty

Blue: marine, royal blue, black-blue, ice-blue

Green: fir-green, emerald, icy mint

Yellow: icy yellow, lemon

Red: blue-red, clear red, purple, ruby, scarlet

Pink: cyclamen, ice rose, Erika rose

Violet: blue violet, violet, lavender, lilac, ice-violet

Brown: black-brown

The harmony of winter colours lies in pure pigments. Most colours seems as if they’d come directly from the paint tube. When the pure pigments are changed they are toned down with black. The shades are deep, luscious and powerful or icy light and cool. Few winter types look good in medium colour shades.

Ornaments: Image consulting: Sweeping, wavy lines flatter the winter type most. These lines are found in soft hills, in weeping willows and waterfalls and can be interpreted with elegant pleats, coats, togas, capes or frocks.

Effects: Image consulting: Just as the silhouette of a great ballet dancer in the spotlight in front of a dark curtain is characterized by clear lines and simple patterns, people whose face and body are slim and clear-cut get attention through the silence of their beauty. It’s characteristic for the winter type to only choose one colour accent at a time for their clothing, not create colour harmonies complementing each other.

Unusual prints are suitable for the female winter type. The marble effect of black-white prints is reminiscent of filigree shadows on white snow. All the prints the female winter type wears should be a reflection of the person herself. Very abstract and undefined prints can create great effects. Flower prints are not so suitable. Sports clothes should be in vivid colours. When it comes to casual clothing, winter types may wear stripes, but these should only be in two colours, such as a green and white, red and white, black and white, red and black, black and green. Tunics worn together with trousers look great when the hips are rather slim. Hoods and scarves are well suited too.

Lines and stand-out designs are important for the winter type. She cannot be restrained. Dresses that are characteristic for the winter type seem to express, “I can’t be worn by an average woman”.

Intense and vivid colours look great on winter types. For lighter shades, icy tones should be chosen, such as ice-blue or ice-green. These colours are especially effective when found in fabrics with a frosty shine, such as satin. When it comes to evening dresses, the dramatic beauty of a winter type dressed in frosty white is hard to beat, with crystal-clear or glistening beading or with fringes or shot through with metal threads. Icy-green satin or midnight-blue velvet are also wonderful for evening dresses. The winter type should use steel-blue sparingly. A steel-blue dress decorated with crystals can be very pretty and interesting. Winter types with very white skin and black hair may wear brilliant yellow.

If the winter type wants to wear roses, she should only use individual deep-red roses.

All of the winter type’s clothes should have refined lines and be of excellent quality.

Other season types may be complemented by the possibilities of expression of the winter type, when the hair has turned grey or white.

Jewelry and metals: Jewelry should be big, have clear lines, be simple and dramatic, never too filigree, playful or delicate, such as lovely bracelets or a dangling necklace. The effect should express coolness. Silver and white gold are better suited than yellow gold. Glistening gems, such as diamonds, emphasize the female winter type’s charisma best. One carefully chosen piece of jewelry per outfit is enough.

Lipstick: clear red tones or blue-red tones are the best colours for the winter type, too warm red tones should be avoided.

Perfume: The winter type’s perfume should be upscale and not flowery.

Focal points of the personality: image consultation: Those designs should be picked from the huge range of clothing that support the expression of the winter type’s personality and enhance their individuality best. The signals clothing sends are nonverbal communication. Including design to express a trait of her personality helps the spring woman to present herself successfully and become interesting to other people.

The following keywords contain a few possibilities of expression that correspond to most winter types naturally: dignity, elegance, luxuriousness, mystic, regal charisma, politeness, sense of cultivation, grandeur, tranquility, dramatic, excellent, exciting, glistening, sophisticated, outstanding.

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