Spiritual healer as a job: how do I become a spiritual healer?

Becoming a spiritual healer is on the hand a gift from God, on the other hand a process of finding yourself. It may be sign of God’s mercy if your ancestors in generations before you already worked as spiritual healers and a certain genetic heritage might exist in your cells. Many people feel a calling to spiritual healing, but as with any job, the wheat is sifted from the chaff. Not everyone who feels that he/she has been called to do this actually has enough talent to work successfully as a spiritual healer. The harsh reality of life and economy measures everything by its success. I always compare this to learning a musical instrument: in general, every person is musical to some degree and can learn an instrument, e.g. the piano. However, depending on the individual talent and eagerness of a person, some learn to play it really well, and others are downright virtuosos. Mercy enables you to do the latter, as well as a great talent and fervour.

Being very successful as a spiritual healer myself today, I advise some people who are interested to never take an actual spiritual healing education. This may sound very contradictory, and I had trouble understanding this myself. It is only today that I understand why it helped me to not have taken an education like that. If you do research on “famous spiritual healers”, you’ll find out that none of those healers was part of any “school” of healing. Humans tend to get caught up in certain systems that are offered and not trust themselves, when they feel uninformed or incompetent in a field. Furthermore, you receive certain information from a teacher and try to apply certain mental techniques to help a client. Those may work well for the teacher, but don’t necessarily work for you, which can be really frustrating. I recommend that you read different books on the topic of spiritual healing but don’t let yourself be fooled into believing that only one certain method works. Play with your intuition like a small child in the sandbox: unbiased and free of prejudice. Simply try techniques that appeal to you and don’t forget that time means change. This means that when a certain method doesn’t work for me anymore after a while I develop a new technique. Put the focus on yourself, you are unique and universal. The goal for a spiritual healer should never be to only work according to one certain approach. Don’t let others get in your way.

I recommend the following books: Das grosse Buch vom geistigen Heilen (The big book on spiritual healing), Dr. Harald Wiesendanger.

Licht-Heilung (light-healing), Barbara Ann Brennan

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