The best spiritual healers and their methods

Spiritual healers use their ability to concentrate, i.e. their spirit, to cure the people that have come to them and free them from complaints. The possibilities within this job are almost unlimited. The best spiritual healers try to use their clairvoyance in order to find out the best approach for each individual client and adjust it personally. This increases the chances of succeeding in helping people compared to staying within the scope of particular systems, that are offered in different variants by the respective schools of spiritual healing. All these schools convey a certain approach, but a human being as such is so complex, individual and unique that this systematic approach of some spiritual healers often doesn’t lead to success.

My approach as a spiritual healer is to first talk to the client and look at his or her soul using my skills as a clairvoyant, trying to find out what he or she feels and thinks and what private or health problems he or she has. Following the talk, I scan the client’s aura (energy field) and use my intuition and clairaudience to determine the best possible approach for this person. As a spiritual healer, the senses I use are clairvoyance, clairaudience, sensitivity and intuition.

In order to do my work, I connect to the cosmic divine energy and see myself solely as a transformer, i.e. this doesn’t take any of my own power. The divine lead and the morphogenetic field advise me how to work. While I work, I am in two different states: on the one hand in a normal state of consciousness, in which I speak with the client, on the other hand in a deeply centered state. I am there but also not there, without the client noticing that. The energy flows from a sender to a receiver. I as the spiritual healer am the sender, the client is the receiver. However, the client can also send back his energy to me and further on into the morphogenetic field. This flow of energy can be compared to blood circulation: The heart is the morphogenetic field or the divine energy, that the healer is trying to activate. The heart pumps the fresh, oxygenized blood through the body’s arteries, which stands for the positive flow of energy, that I try to activate. The deoxygenated blood, an image for the patient’s illness, flows back to the heart (morphogenetic field) through the veins. If the healing energy was only sent one way, from the healer to the client, this would result in an energy blockage, which can impact the effectiveness.

On the one hand, the best spiritual healers look for the most successful method of conveying energy to their clients, on the other hand the complaints or the disease may cease. The latter is obviously dependent on the client’s individual frequency pattern. This circulatory principle can be found in each natural process.

As a spiritual healer, I offer people to work with them on site, i.e. with them being physically present. Very often, I don’t even touch the people, sometimes I hold their hand or touch their heads or bellies.

I also work with lots of clients that are not physically present, i.e. from a distance with only a photo of the client.

The best spiritual healers were Bruno Gröning, Nostradamus, Avicenna, Hildegard von Bingen, Dr. Leonhard Hochenegg, Harry Edwards, Billy Parish, Frederik Jones, Francis Schlatter.

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