Günther Offenberger: Spiritual healing: the power of the human mind

Since the olden times, there have been people with special skills in many rural areas, who were able to help other persons and also animals with physical or psychological complaints solely through the power of their minds. These skilled men and women were given different names by the population, one of those common expressions being “averter of illness”.

The task of the “averter” was to “avert” illnesses from the people who came to see him. He solely used the power of his own mind to help the people and support them during their recovery.

Günther Offenberger practises this European form of spiritual healing.

Traditional spiritual healing

Both my paternal and maternal great-grandfathers were well-known spiritual healers more than 100 years ago and treated both humans and animals.

While occupying myself intensively with radiesthesia, dowsing, I discovered my special talent in 2001. I developed the skill of supporting people in their recovery through concentrating my mind. Many people have recovered since, even though their doctors had given up.

Two different approaches have formed over the course of time: one is to adjust energy blockages in the human aura and to boost the powers of self-healing through spiritual healing. Since I also treat many people who live far away from me, I also offer “distance healing”. This method differs from the first one in that the person affected isn’t physically present with me. I use a photo or the signature of that person in the healing process. It doesn’t play a role how big that distance is. Still, the person affected has to agree to the treatment.

Areas of application

Spiritual healing is very often used as a measure to support traditional medical treatment, especially when it comes to chronic illnesses, pain therapy or cancer, problems with the musculoskeletal system, unfulfilled desire to have children, trouble concentrating, skin problems, allergies, developmental delays in children. Spiritual healing can also be used to support the recovery after surgery or serious accidents. Spiritual healing is also applied, when illnesses take a difficult course and traditional medicine hits the brick wall. However, it does not replace an appointment at a doctor’s or a medical diagnosis.

Scientific double-blind studies on spiritual healing were performed in the USA. The results showed clearly that spiritual healing can help.

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