Healing cancer?

June 21st, 2012
According to statistics, every third person in Europe falls ill with cancer at some stage in their lifetime. A healthy lifestyle is supposed to reduce the risk of cancer: avoiding tobacco and alcohol, a balanced diet, regular exercise. Still, many people fear this illness. The causes of cancer are widely unknown. Genetic factors are vaguely assumed as risk factors for most types of cancer, as well as various influences from the environment, such as working with carcinogenic substances or being exposed to radioactive or x-ray radiation. However, many people falling ill with cancer have not been subject to any of the above factors. Eve ...weiter

Your wedding gown 2015 – for the most beautiful day of your life

April 25th, 2012
You’re getting married! Congratulations! You want this to be the “most beautiful day of your life”, and the wedding gown plays a very special role. The cut, colour and design of the gown can be the main theme for the style of the whole wedding. I recommend choosing your wedding gown first and deciding on the table decoration and bridal bouquet only afterwards. This way, you can tailor everything else to you and your groom as the central persons. The colour of your gown: Do you still have the little girls’ dream of marrying in white? Then do it! Your wedding is unique, and you don’t want to regret afterwards that you didn’t  ...weiter

Colonel Karl Beichl – dowser in the service of the k.u.k. army [k.u.k. – royal and imperial (Austro-Hungarian empire)]

April 23rd, 2012
Colonel Karl Beichl – dowser in the service of the k.u.k. army [k.u.k. – royal and imperial (Austro-Hungarian empire)] Karl Beichl was born in Vienna on September 14, 1874. After finishing the pioneer cadet school he became a military construction engineer and was promoted Colonel. Karl Beichl was one of the most influential radiesthecists from Austria and also used his talent during World Ward 1 to ensure that the troops at the front in the karst area had water. Documents prove that Beichl had had 25 wells erected in Bosnia by the end of 1914, following his dowsing results, after enlisting on August 8, 1914. He was also commissione ...weiter

Bladder cancer (urinary bladder cancer, urinary bladder carcinoma): odds of recovery

April 16th, 2012
Bladder cancer is a cancer in which a malign tumor forms in the urinary bladder. In most cases, this tumor develops from the special mucosal cells of the bladder, the urothelium, which line the urinary bladder on the inside. This cancer is hence called urothelial carcinoma. Very rarely does bladder cancer develop from squamous epithelium cells or gland cells (squamous cell carcinoma or adenocarcinoma). Bladder cancer is the fifth most frequent malign tumor. Very often, tumors develop in different parts of the urinary bladder. About three quarters of all illnesses are diagnosed at a superficial early stage. Risk factors of bladder cancer: S ...weiter

Tongue cancer (Tongue carcinoma): odds of recovery

April 14th, 2012
Tongue cancer is a cancer of the tongue, the tumor usually forming in the third of the tongue that’s furthest back. This illness is part of the head and neck cancers like laryngeal cancer. Since the mucosae of the tongue consist of several un-cornificated layers of tissue (sqamous epithelium), the major part of tongue tumors is referred to as squamous cell carcinoma.  About one fourth of all cancers in the mouth are tongue carcinomas. Risk factors of tongue cancer: the exact cause is yet unknown. The excessive use of high-proof alcohol, smoking (especially pipes) as well as chronic inflammations of the oral and lingual mucosae, which ca ...weiter

How to buy a bikini: summer 2015

March 28th, 2012
… if the thought of a bikini gives you the heebie-jeebies … if you’ve been wearing your bikini for five seasons … if you are convinced that the bikini that suits you doesn’t exist … if looking at the wild floral patterns and glittery sequins in the current swimwear collections gives you nightmares … if you fear your partner’s comments when he sees you in your bikini for the first time … if you’ve already decided not to go to the pool anymore Keep your cool, wipe off the sweat and hitch up your knickers: you’ll buy a new bikini. The earlier you start to look the more time you’ll have to get an overv ...weiter

The male winter type

March 21st, 2012
It seems as if nature had grabbed the quill instead of pencils and pastel colours and was drawing the landscape in sharp lines: White and black prevail in the scenery, colour is only added occasionally. The winter is in a strong contrast with the other three seasons: spring, which represents the awakening and blossoming of nature with its clear, vivid colours; summer, which embodies softness with its muffled pastel colours; autumn, the splendid colours of which symbolize the maturing of nature. The male winter type: Personal colour scheme: The eye colour of the male winter type may be deep black, onyx-coloured, intensely blue or sometim ...weiter

Dr. Manfred Curry – sailor and radiesthecist

March 16th, 2012
Dr. Manfred Curry was born in Munich on December 11th 1899. His family had emigrated from the USA and Curry was a US citizen all of his life. His mother died when giving birth to another child, when Manfred Curry was seven years old. He and his sister Marion grew up at their grandmother Mary Abby’s in Riederau on the west bank of Ammer Lake. When he was only 18 years old, Curry wrote the book “Sailing aerodynamics and the art of regatta-sailing”, which was translated into many languages from the 1920s on. He took part in about 1,400 sailing regattas, most of which he won. In 1928, Curry sailed for the American team in the Olympic Gam ...weiter

Lymphatic cancer (non-Hodgkin-lymphomas): odds of recovery

February 20th, 2012
Non-Hodgkin-lymphomas is the collective term for malign illnesses of the lymphatic system that are not Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (lymph gland cancer, lymph node cancer). This illness is characterized by an uncontrolled reproduction of lymphocytes (leucocytes). Lymphocytes can mainly be found in the lymph nodes, the bone marrow, the tonsils, the spleen and the mucosae and ensure the functioning of the immune system. A total of 32 different non-Hodgkin-lymphomas can be distinguished due to diversities in the maturing and differentiation process. A simple distinction can be made between B-cell-lymphomas and T-cell-lymphomas as well as low-malignant l ...weiter

Dr. Ernst Hartmann – Discoverer of the Hartmann grid

February 17th, 2012
Dr. Ernst Hartmann was born in Mannheim on Nov.10th 1915. A trained physician, he worked as a staff surgeon in World War II, during which time he was captured by Americans. After he was discharged from war captivity, he established his own surgery as a general practitioner, which he ran for more than 40 years. From 1948 on, Dr. Hartmann and his brother Robert developed an interest in radiesthesia, geo-biology, homeopathy and also construction biology. Together, they developed the model of the so-called “global net grid according to Dr. Hartmann”, which is commonly called the “Hartmann grid” in radiesthesia: it refers to cosmic radiat ...weiter