Käthe Bachler

Käthe Bachler is the most well-known Austrian radiesthecist. She was born into a family of mountain farmers in Abtenau / Salzburg in 1923. She trained as a primary school teacher in 1942/43. While she was teaching at a primary school, she also trained as a secondary school teacher, graduating in 1946. Up to 1973, Bachler taught at the secondary school in Hallein / Salzburg.

In 1969 she started occupying herself with radiesthesia, dowsing. As a teacher, she found it vital to point out the negative impact of a study place exposed to radiation on students. She focused on both the children’s desks at home and their desks in the classroom. Due to her profession, she was able to gain many practical insights with regard to this aspect, which she collected in her book “Experiences of a dowser – geo-biological influences on humans”. In the book, she suggests, among other things, a “rolling classroom”, in which the pupils move one seat further every two to three weeks. That way, no child would have to sit in the same place exposed to radiation for the whole school year. Bachler also received a research assignment of the Pedagogic Institute Salzburg.

It was important to Bachler as a radiesthecist to find a “good” sleeping place, workspace or desk, i.e. a place exposed as little as possible to radiation, and not experiment with shielding devices. She has performed thousands of radiesthetic examinations over decades and compiled a multitude of records about them. Having a scientific approach was very important to her.

The recognition of radiesthesia in medicine is an important matter to Bachler. As a religious person, she included Catholic beliefs in her later books. Because of that, she has found a lot of recognition in church-based circles too.

Literature index of Käthe Bachler:

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