Famous spiritual healers: Bruno Gröning

Bruno Gröning was born on May 30th 1906 in Danzig in Poland. He grew up in rather ordinary circumstances and worked in different fields as an unskilled worker. In 1943 he was drafted by the Wehrmacht. After World War II, he was released from war imprisonment in Russia and settled down in West Germany. Already during war captivity, his comrades made positive experiences with Bruno Gröning’s skills as a spiritual healer and clairvoyant.

In 1955, Bruno Gröning divorced his first wife and married the French Josette Dufosse. The two children from his first marriage both died young.

In 1949, Bruno Gröning made his first public appearance as a spiritual healer. Crowds came to hear him speak and the media coverage of his work was enormous. Up to 30,000 people looking to be cured came to his speeches at the “Traberhof” in Rosenheim, where he stayed for a while. It was impossible to keep those crowds under control, and Gröning’s public appearances were finally forbidden.

The spiritual healer Bruno Gröning had to stand trial repeatedly. Doctors, representatives of justice and the church tried to stop his actions by all means.

He died on January 26th 1959 in Paris.

Bruno Gröning was one of the most outstanding spiritual healers of the 20th century. While he was still alive, a movie documentary on his life and work was produced.

Bruno Gröning had great success in treating musculoskeletal problems such as problems with the hip joint, back pain or knee pain. His method of spiritual healing also helped people suffering from neurodermatitis, psoriasis and skin cancer. Also, successes with liver cancer, bowel cancer, breast cancer and lung cancer were reported. Bruno Gröning also treated people suffering from nervous diseases such as multiple sclerosis. Bruno Gröning was a deeply religious man, who didn’t push himself to the fore but always called God the biggest healer. Since his power to convince was very pronounced, he often managed to help people with psychological problems by simply talking to them.

Spiritual healing as a measure to support traditional medical treatment:

Scientific double-blind studies on spiritual healing were performed in the USA. Spiritual healing can help, as was clearly shown by the results.

As a spiritual healer I try to use my power of concentration to confine the growth of the cancer cells and tumors as well as the cancer sleeper cells (micro-metastases) and also boost the patient’s immune system, i.e. I regulate the hormone household via the hypophysis, the thyroid gland, the parathyroid gland, the pancreas and the adrenal cortex. In my opinion, the interplay of the hormones is very important for the functioning of the body’s own immune system. Intuition helps me as a clairvoyant to visualize the best possible approach for the respective person and his or her illness.

When people suffer from serious illnesses it is best to work with them every day. When they live far away it isn’t necessary for them to be physically present. The client’s photo or signature are sufficient.

Spiritual healing exclusively focuses on the activation and harmonization of the body’s own energy fields (life energy) and is not considered a healing treatment. The effectiveness and success of energy treatments have not been scientifically proven in Austria. They have been falsified for various methods. No promises are made as to success, recovery or relief. All patients must voluntarily agree to this method of treatment.

In accordance with that, spiritual healing doesn’t present a substitute for a medical diagnosis or treatment or a psychological or psychotherapeutic treatment or examination. Any statements or pieces of advice are not considered diagnoses but are solely energy-related descriptions of a person’s state.

There is a double-blind study of the European Centre for Environmental Medicine in cooperation with the Lower Austrian Regional Medical Insurance, that shows that 90 % of humans who fell ill with cancer had their sleeping places on geo-pathogenic disturbance zones such as water veins, faults or earth rays. For this reason, it is important for someone suffering from cancer to have his or her sleeping place examined by a radiesthecist (dowser) and change the place if need be, without using any dubious shielding devices.

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