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Healing hands – healing spirit

Saturday, November 13th, 2010

Are there people with healing hands? Can touch heal? It has been known for thousands of years that some people are able to heal that way.

Modern science has recognized that each being and hence also each human being consists solely of energy. For that reason, it seems realistic that energy can be transferred from one person to another. Furthermore, energy can be absorbed from or released to the outside. This is possible for every human being.

There are people who have the talent to transfer focused energy to other people and by that means create balance in the other person’s energy system. Scientific double-blind studies on the topic of spiritual healing were performed in the USA. Spiritual healing can help, as was clearly shown by the results.

For those healing: it is important to always focus on the recovery of the person when healing. That doesn’t mean to imagine fighting the illness but to activate the healing process. This works through a combination of laying on of the hands and mental imagination of the recovery. Sole spiritual healing is possible from a distance without the client being present physically. The advantage is that this can be done daily, since the client doesn’t have to come to the healer and the continuity resulting from that leads to bigger successes.

The reactions of people who energy is transferred to can be very different: some people immediately feel an improvement, in others, their condition temporarily worsens (initial aggravation) before it improves, in others, the reaction comes very delayed, i.e. the impact of the energy balance doesn’t only depend on the person giving but also on the client respectively on how serious and long-term the existing illness is. Very often, the placebo effect is presented as the explanation for the effect of laying on of the hands or spiritual healing, however, in my experience, this effect doesn’t play a role. Neither does the belief in the effectiveness of the method play a significant role.

There are lots of books encouraging people to heal themselves. However, this only works in very few cases. I personally know many cases in which people have tried to heal themselves for years and decades. It is only through another person (another pattern of vibration) that the healing process can be initiated.