Your wedding gown 2015 – for the most beautiful day of your life

You’re getting married! Congratulations! You want this to be the “most beautiful day of your life”, and the wedding gown plays a very special role. The cut, colour and design of the gown can be the main theme for the style of the whole wedding.

I recommend choosing your wedding gown first and deciding on the table decoration and bridal bouquet only afterwards. This way, you can tailor everything else to you and your groom as the central persons.

The colour of your gown:
Do you still have the little girls’ dream of marrying in white? Then do it! Your wedding is unique, and you don’t want to regret afterwards that you didn’t fulfill your dream, because you were afraid of being viewed as stuffy, childish or old-fashioned by others.

Of course, there are different whites: If you’ve already been to a colour consultation you’ll know that there are different shades of white: the pure, hard white, neutral wool-off-white or warm ivory. Warm, yellowish shades of white are found in the colour palettes of spring and autumn types, while summer types look best in wool-white, which can also be worn by winter types, besides pure white. It is important to emphasize your complexion to its best by the shade chosen and the colour of the wedding gown doesn’t make you look pale. Also try to consider whether or not you’ll be tanned on your wedding day, since that can make quite a difference, too.

If you decide on a colour other than white, there are no boundaries. Go by the same rule as for whites: choose a colour that makes you shine.

The style of your gown:
As with other garments, there are different styles of wedding gowns: classic, romantic, modern, natural, girl-like. In accordance with your personality, you’ll feel attracted by a certain style. Make sure the style of the dress flatters your figure. If you are small and delicate, a modern creation with massive details may look overpowering on you. Also, a girl-like dress with filigree elements might look weirdly lost on you if you are tall and have a voluptuous figure. The effect of the gown doesn’t only depend on your figure, but also on your personality. I hence recommend that you take a lot of time to look at yourself in every dress and listen to yourself: is that me? Or don’t I recognize the person in the mirror? It is crucial that you look authentic in your wedding dress. Put everything aside that looks like a disguise or makes you feel uncomfortable.

The fit of your gown:
Your wedding gown has to fit you like a glove. It is the most beautiful day of your life and you want to be the beaming bride. Don’t compromise on the fit. Every bridal shop has trained staff that will make changes exactly adjusted to your figure. If you feel there’s a lack of knowledge in that regard you should go to another shop. Take a close look in the mirror before possible changes are made: How does the dress look from the front, from the back, from the side? A dress that looks great from the front may, for example, have strange drapes over the buttocks, which you don’t like. The alteration tailor will know whether these drapes can be changed or not. Pay attention also to your proportions. The legs should optically be elongated rather than shortened. Are the details of the dress in alignment with your individual body features? A stand-up collar may bring out a long neck perfectly, but may make a short neck look stout.

How well can you move in your dress? Can you still lift your arms or do you have to keep them right by your sides? Is the skirt so tight that you can only pitter-patter or can you walk normally?

How long is the gown? Bear in mind that the fabric starts hanging a little bit in the course of a long day, that means it gives. The dress becomes longer. You shouldn’t choose the length to be all the way to the floor, because you may trip over your seam after a few hours unless you gather the dress with your hands. The length you choose also depends on whether you’d like to dance in your dress or not. If you want to dance, the dress should be ankle-length. Trains are not well-suited for dancing. Wedding gowns with trains usually have an option where you can put up or gather the train, but very often it doesn’t work that well in reality. Check twice if the mechanism really does what the bridal consultant promises you.

Shoes to go with your gown:
Again the question is: do you want to dance or not? If no, you can choose from the whole range of shoes. If yes, the shoes shouldn’t only be comfortable but also support your heels well. Make sure your foot can’t slip out at the back. Shoes with ankle ties are best. Waltz a round in the shop so you won’t have any unpleasant surprises at the wedding.

Lingerie for underneath your gown:
I’m sure you’ve seen the bridal collections of lingerie companies in a shop window or on a poster: white lace, tulle ribbons, garter belts etc. It all looks pretty but is often not workable with your gown. Have you worn a white lace slip, a white garter belt and stockings with white lace hems under a white dress before? Unless the fabric of the dress is very thick or consists of many layers on top of each other you can definitely see the lace shine through. Such lingerie is hence only conditionally suitable for bridal gowns. The best colour is mostly skin-colour and without lace. When trying on your wedding gown you should ask your consultant for advice straight away. She will often offer you slips and bras straight away so you can try them on underneath the dress.

A wedding gown for every season?
Make sure you consider the season when buying your wedding gown. If you marry in winter you have to pick a warm jacket or coat that goes with your dress. In summer the dress should be light, but a cardigan will protect you from rainy or cold weather also in the warm season. Make sure to have an umbrella ready just in case.

Someone to come with you:
If you don’t want to go looking for a dress on your own, take along only one person that you really trust and that you know won’t try to talk you into something. It could be your mother but also your future husband if you don’t care that he sees you in your wedding gown before the wedding. You should take a friend only if you’re convinced that you can rely on her advice and that she won’t decide based on her own preferences but that she will help you find a dress that truly suits you.

And finally – enjoy the most beautiful day of your life!

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