Healing cancer?

According to statistics, every third person in Europe falls ill with cancer at some stage in their lifetime.

A healthy lifestyle is supposed to reduce the risk of cancer: avoiding tobacco and alcohol, a balanced diet, regular exercise. Still, many people fear this illness.

The causes of cancer are widely unknown. Genetic factors are vaguely assumed as risk factors for most types of cancer, as well as various influences from the environment, such as working with carcinogenic substances or being exposed to radioactive or x-ray radiation. However, many people falling ill with cancer have not been subject to any of the above factors.

Every human being has cancer cells in his or her body, which are usually kept in check by the immune system. When the immune system is weakened, these cells may degenerate and proliferate uncontrollably.

There are naturally many factors that may weaken the immune system. These include a person’s diet, stress, lack of exercise, missing social contacts, electric smog and also a sleeping place exposed to radiation.

I work full-time as a radiesthecist (dowser) and spiritual healer and know from experience how crucial a neutral sleeping place is for the human immune system, i.e. a place that is as free of radiation as possible. Many people can’t imagine that, since you cannot see or touch radiation and since people cannot determine themselves whether their sleeping place is “good” or “bad”.

I’ve discovered that more than 90% of the people suffering from cancer sleep in a place that is exposed to geo-pathogenic disturbance areas. Many of these people, who receive traditional medical treatment and in whom the illness cannot be detected anymore, fall ill again after a relatively short period of time. They have not changed their sleeping place, and radiation still has its impact on their body.

Another risk factor that may help the cancer to resurface are the so-called “cancer sleeper cells” (micro-metastases). These cells cannot be eliminated by chemotherapy. They are in the bloodstream but also very often in the bone marrow and remain inside the body for an unknown period of time. There are scientific studies pointing out that these cancer sleeper cells are activated by the protein osteopontin and then start to metastasize. This can lead to the formation of tumours throughout the whole body (head, intestines, liver, pancreas, lungs etc.).

As a spiritual healer, my priority when working with people suffering from cancer is to find a „good“ sleeping place. The importance of that is often underestimated, even though the bed is the one place in which the body is supposed to regenerate so it can deal more easily with other strains.

I also recommend making use of distance healing. This has proven to be very successful when dealing with serious or chronic illnesses. It involves my working with my clients every day via a photo. The advantage of this approach is the continuity of the daily treatment, which can’t be achieved when a client only comes to me every now and then. My treatment is exclusively an addition to a traditional medical therapy. Regular communication with my clients via phone or email is very important for my work over a distance. This way, I can include current test results or information on the person’s current state and adjust my work individually to suit the respective person.

As a spiritual healer, I try to isolate the cancer cells and the cancer sleeper cells on a mental level first, so they won’t metastasize and multiply, and as a next step, I try to curb them and kill them off. I also try to strengthen the immune system in such a way that no new cancer can develop, i.e. I regulate the hormone household via the hypophysis, the thyroid gland, the parathyroid gland, the pancreas and the adrenal cortex. In my opinion, the interplay of the hormones is very important for the functioning of the body’s own immune system. Intuition helps me as a clairvoyant to visualize the best possible approach for the respective person and his or her illness.

I recommend to my clients that I will work with them from a distance for about six months after the end of the traditional medical therapies. This treatment mostly focuses on the cancer sleeper cells.

Case Studies of spiritual healing of cancer

Spiritual healing exclusively focuses on the activation and harmonization of the body’s own energy fields (life energy) and is not considered a healing treatment. The effectiveness and success of energy treatments have not been scientifically proven in Austria. They have been falsified for various methods. No promises are made as to success, recovery or relief. All patients must voluntarily agree to this method of treatment.

In accordance with that, spiritual healing doesn’t present a substitute for a medical diagnosis or treatment or a psychological or psychotherapeutic treatment or examination. Any statements or pieces of advice are not considered diagnoses but are solely energy-related descriptions of a person’s state.

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