Famous healers: Paracelsus

Paracelsus was probably born on November 10th 1493 in Egg bei Einsiedeln, his birth name being Philippus Theophrastus Aureolus Bombastus von Hohenheim. He was a doctor and spiritual healer as well as astrologer (clairvoyant).

Paracelsus was the son of the doctor, nature researcher, spiritual healer and alchemist Wilhelm Bombast von Hohenheim. His father set an example regarding his occupation with medicine and healing arts. Paracelsus finished studying medicine in 1516 and worked as a surgeon afterwards. The power of his thoughts had a huge impact, since it enabled him to heal many people. His successes in healing were legendary. Paracelsus, the spiritual healer and alchemist, was also criticized by doctors and pharmacists, of course. He fled to Alsace in 1528 to escape pending legal proceedings. In 1529 he completed the two works “Paramirum” and “Paragranum”. His most famous book is “Astronomia Magna” (also known as “Philosophia Sagax”), which he finished in 1537.

The knowledge of God, next to the knowledge of nature, was the basis for the spiritual healer Paracelsus’ medical practice. He didn’t only take empirical results into account when treating patients but also looked at the whole picture, “since the human being can only be understood (universally) from the macrocosm, not out of himself. It is only the knowledge of this concurrence that makes a doctor complete.”

The spiritual healer and doctor Paracelsus died from lead poisoning in 1541. It is assumed that he treated himself with lead to fight otitis media.

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