The male autumn type

The colourful landscape of autumn is marked by muffled, smoky tones as well as by bright, brilliant and spicy tones such as smoky yellow, fiery red and yellow-brown orange. A whiff of bronze seems to be lying above all of it. The green leaves of the trees turn golden, copper and red against the background of a teal-coloured sky – the only blue to be found in nature during the frosty, clear autumn months. This shade of blue goes so well with the other autumn colours, since it is metallic, stands out and seems strong just like those. Autumn shows its full, rich, heady ripeness, as powerful as the stormy autumn winds. The stock for winter has been stored. The fields have been harvested. It is the season of fulfillment and completion.

The male autumn type:

Personal colour scheme: The eyes of the male autumn type may be green, grey-green, yellow-green, hazelnut, olive, blue-green or brown with reddish spots. Very rarely are they a pure blue. The hair colour reaches from red to very dark brown. The skin tone is like tinged with bronze or brown tones, in lighter types there may be shades of amber or peach.

Physical traits (these are general tendencies of men with an autumn colour scheme, no individual characterization): the facial features are often irregular and bony, the face being relatively big in relation to the body. Autumn men have a strong build and are typically very resilient. They are characterized by a firm tread and seem to have inexhaustible energy.

Personality traits (these are general tendencies of men with an autumn colour scheme, no individual characterization): Autumn men seem to be made from steel. They are bubbling over with energy and are hard workers. They are especially predestined for administration, finance, electro-technology, construction technology and mining. Others work successfully in architecture or design. They also have a strong sense of drama, whether they love the theatre or compile presentations with a formally dramatic impact in their jobs. They have the drive, energy and vision for engaging in politics. They are strong leaders and value continuous meetings and gatherings with other people. Some male autumn types prefer jobs that allow them to work outdoors, such as lumberjacks.

Colours for the autumn type: Male autumn types prefer all the colours of autumn leaves: amber, rust, copper, gold, luscious and dark brown tones. They can also wear red tones that are mixed with brown. Different variants of wool-white, sandalwood and shades of honey are well suited for autumn types with red hair. Men whose skin contains orange pigments should avoid red tones. They look better in grey-beige, lute, cinnamon and rust-brown. The darkest representatives of the autumn type prefer olive, walnut and very dark shades of green.

Brown: coffee-brown, camelhair, rust-brown, ochre, brown-beige

Yellow: sunflower, dark corn yellow, orange-yellow, mustard, brass, bronze, gold

Red: orange, tomato, copper, brick, fiery red, salmon, brambleberry

Green: olive, moss, khaki, reed, warm blue-green

Blue: plum, larkspur, teal, peacock-blue

Metals: Gold is better suited for watches or tiepins on autumn types than silver. The autumn type may also wear brash or pompous designs.

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