Herniated disc (disc prolapse): odds of recovery

Degenerative changes in the spinal discs and the neighbouring vertebral bodies are considered to be the most frequent cause of a herniated disc. This complaint is chronic in elderly people. Young people may also be affected by a herniated disc, overload, injuries or an individual disposition being the causes.

The lumbar spine and the cervical spine are most likely to be affected by a herniated disc. When the lumbar spine is affected the pain is felt in the back and can spread out to the feet. When the cervical spine is affected, pain and a loss of sensitivity are felt in the shoulder, arm and fingers.

Prevention of herniated disc: strengthening the muscles in the stomach and back, lifting heavy things the right way (from a squat, avoid lifting and rotating at the same time), right working position, ergonomic seats, repeatedly take breaks when doing tasks that require sitting.

Diagnosis of herniated disc (disc prolapse): neurological exam, x-ray, sectional imaging technique, myelography.

Traditional medical therapies of herniated disc: immobilization of the spine, bed with special back support, neck brace, medicine, physiotherapy, surgery, minimally invasive treatment, periradicular pain therapy, peridural pain therapy, facet joint treatment.

All medical information is subject to change regarding the correctness and completeness.

Spiritual healing as a measure to support the traditional medical treatment of a herniated disc (disc prolapse):

The combination of traditional medical therapies and spiritual healing increases the odds of recovery.

Healing herniated disc: Intuition helps me as a clairvoyant to visualize the best possible approach for the respective person and his or her illness. As a spiritual healer I try to lay open the stuck nerves on a spiritual level so that the spinal disc doesn’t press on the nerve anymore.

When people live far away, it isn’t necessary for the client to be physically present. The client’s photo or signature are sufficient.

Scientific double-blind studies on spiritual healing were performed in the USA. Spiritual healing can help, as was clearly shown by the results.

Spiritual healing exclusively focuses on the activation and harmonization of the body’s own energy fields (life energy) and is not considered a healing treatment. The effectiveness and success of energy treatments have not been scientifically proven in Austria. They have been falsified for various methods. No promises are made as to success, recovery or relief. All patients must voluntarily agree to this method of treatment.

In accordance with that, spiritual healing doesn’t present a substitute for a medical diagnosis or treatment or a psychological or psychotherapeutic treatment or examination. Any statements or pieces of advice are not considered diagnoses but are solely energy-related descriptions of a person’s state.

I know from experience that a good sleeping place is also very important with regard to herniated disc.

Some general information:

There is a double-blind study of the European Centre for Environmental Medicine in cooperation with the Lower Austrian Regional Medical Insurance, that shows that 90 % of humans who fell ill with cancer had their sleeping places on geo-pathogenic disturbance zones such as water veins, faults or earth rays. For this reason, it is important for someone suffering from cancer to have his or her sleeping place examined by a radiesthecist (dowser) and change the place if need be, without using any dubious shielding devices.

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