Tinnitus: odds of recovery

Tinnitus is the permanent or recurring subjective hearing of a tone or noise. Tinnitus isn’t referred to as a sickness, but as a symptom. There is a distinction between acute and chronic tinnitus.

Risk factors of tinnitus: The cause isn’t completely clear yet, and there are lots of possible risk factors. These include, in the inner ear, noise hearing loss, sudden deafness, acoustic trauma, Meniere’s disease, age-related deafness, high drop in blood pressure followed by decreased blood flow in the inner ear, medicine. In the tympanum, the possible causes include immovability of the eardrum, otitis media, otitis media with effusion, eardrum surgery, tube function disturbance. In the auditory canal / eardrum, risk factors include: earwax, foreign bodies (cotton etc.), protruding bones in the auditory canal. Further risk factors include stress, anaemia, too low blood pressure, too high blood pressure, multiple sclerosis, meningitis.

Symptoms of tinnitus: The tones or noises that are perceived can be very diverse. Jingling, humming, sawing, swhoosing and whistling noises have been described. These can occur interruptedly, may modulate in their frequency, occur decayingly or continuously. Tinnitus can often lead to sleep disorders, anxiety states, depressions and the inability to work. These symptoms in turn may cause stress, which makes the tinnitus exacerbate further.

Diagnosis of tinnitus: Diagnostics include anamnesis (asking the person affected questions), ear-nose-throat examination, hearing test with a tuning fork, compiling an audiogram, measuring the blood pressure, tympanogram, stapedial reflexes, masking check. The following measures might also be performed: balance check, compilation of a differential blood count, exam on functionality of the cervical spine, magnetic resonance tomography.

Traditional medical therapies of tinnitus: treatment with drugs, oxygen therapy, psycho-somatic treatment, application of a tinnitus masker that masks the noise.

All medical information is subject to change regarding the correctness and completeness.

The combination of traditional medical therapies and spiritual healing increases the odds of recovery.

Spiritual healing as a measure to support the traditional medical treatment of tinnitus:

As a clairvoyant I use my intuition (clairvoyance) to visualize the best possible healing approach for the respective person and his / her illness. As a spiritual healer, I try to prevent the kneejerk reaction in the ear that causes the whistling or swooshing, in my opinion.

When clients live far away it isn’t necessary for them to be physically present. The client’s photo or signature are sufficient in this case.

Scientific double-blind studies on spiritual healing were performed in the USA. Spiritual healing can help, as was clearly shown by the results.

Spiritual healing exclusively focuses on the activation and harmonization of the body’s own energy fields (life energy) and is not considered a healing treatment. The effectiveness and success of energy treatments have not been scientifically proven in Austria. They have been falsified for various methods. No promises are made as to success, recovery or relief. All patients must voluntarily agree to this method of treatment.

In accordance with that, spiritual healing doesn’t present a substitute for a medical diagnosis or treatment or a psychological or psychotherapeutic treatment or examination. Any statements or pieces of advice are not considered diagnoses but are solely energy-related descriptions of a person’s state.

As general information:

There is a double-blind study of the European Centre for Environmental Medicine in cooperation with the Lower Austrian Regional Medical Insurance, that shows that 90 % of humans who fell ill with cancer had their sleeping places on geo-pathogenic disturbance zones such as water veins, faults or earth rays. For this reason, it is important for someone suffering from cancer to have his or her sleeping place examined by a radiesthecist (dowser) and change the place if need be, without using any dubious shielding devices.

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