Cancer: Spiritual healing (averting illness) and radiesthesia

How a good sleeping place can help protect you from cancer and from having a relapse:

I work full-time as a radiesthecist and spiritual healer and know from experience how crucial a neutral sleeping place, i.e. a place as free of radiation as possible, is for the human’s immune system. Many people can’t imagine that, since radiation can’t be seen or touched and people themselves can’t determine whether they have a “good” or “bad” sleeping place.

There are, of course, many factors that can weaken the immune system. These include nutrition, stress, lack of exercise, lacking social contacts, electric smog and also a sleeping place exposed to radiation.

The sleeping place is a place in which the body is supposed to regenerate in order to be able to deal with other strains more easily. If this is not the case, the immune system may become unbalanced.

Most of my clients that have a radiesthetic examination performed are already suffering from an illness or health problems. Only few people want to have this service performed when building a new house or redesigning their bedroom. Most people’s philosophy is that a radiesthetic examination isn’t necessary as long as they are healthy. Only when they fall ill do most of them decide to have their sleeping place examined.

However, radiesthesia can present an important contribution in health care. I have examined sleeping places that were highly recommendable from a radiesthetic point of view, and the people sleeping in these beds grew to be very old.

I’ve discovered, with regard to cancer, that more than 90% of people falling ill with cancer have a sleeping place that is exposed to geo-pathogenic disturbance areas. Most of these people who receive traditional medical treatment and in whom the illness can’t be proven anymore have a relapse after a relatively short time period, since they haven’t changed their sleeping place and radiation still has its impact on the human body.

I always recommend to my clients to have the following priorities:

1. An optimal sleeping place

2. Make use of spiritual healing from a distance next to traditional medical therapies

3. Continue to receive spiritual healing from a distance after the end of traditional medical therapies (about 6 months). During this time, I focus especially on the micro-metastases (cancer sleeper cells). A chemotherapy that is ideally adjusted to the tumor can kill more than 99% of the existing cancer cells. However, there are other so-called “cancer sleeper cells”, which remain untouched by the chemotherapy. These sleeper cells  are in the bloodstream, but very often also in the bone marrow and remain inside the body for an undefined time period. According to scientific studies, these cells are probably activated by a certain protein, osteopontin, and start to metastasize. Tumors can form all over the body (head, bowels, liver, pancreas, lung etc.).

All medical information is subject to change regarding the correctness and completeness.

Radiesthesia distinguishes between the following types of radiation:

Water veins are subterranean water courses that emit radiation of differing intensity, depending on their depth, width, amount of water and flow rate. Water veins correspond to subterranean streams and can change their direction over the course of time.

Faults develop when different layers of stone clash, or through cracks, fissures and crevasses in the earth layer or ore deposits, and they can be aquiferous (aquiferous faults). Many radiesthecists that focus exclusively on water veins in their examination aren’t able to locate faults and aquiferous faults.

The Hartmann grid was discovered by Dr. Ernst Hartmann in 1951. It involves cosmic radiation (“cosmic energy shadow”), which surrounds the earth as a grid of radiation from the cosmos. The directional course of this grid is north-south and east-west. The strips are about 20 to 40 cm wide, the meshes are about 1.80 to 2.50 m in the north-south direction and about 2.50 to 3.30 m in the east-west direction. The course of this system can be influenced by different factors.

The Curry grid is a grid of earth rays named after the German doctor Manfred Curry. Its directional course corresponds to the intermediate cardinal directions northwest-southeast and northeast-southwest. The strips are about 30 to 70 cm wide. The meshes are about 3 to 5 m. The course of this system, too, can be influenced by different factors. The grid reaches from below, from the earth, up to the borders of the atmosphere.

The Benker grid is a so-called atomic cube system, which was detected by Anton Benker in 1953. The directional course is north-south, east-west, and there is some congruence with the Hartmann grid. The strips are about 1 m wide, the meshes are about 10 m by 10 m by 10 m. Since a cube also has a “sole” and a “lid”, there is also a horizontal radiation surface, the so-called surface radiation.

The radiation of an individual cube can be magnetic or electric, i.e. discharging or charging, minus or plus. Since this is a system in the atomic sense, these forces change from cube to cube.

Projected radiation is an anomaly of the above mentioned naturally occurring types of radiation. Grids and water veins interact with all metal items from a certain size on, which affects especially mirrors, metal ovens, radiators, gutters and steal beams.

The reach of projected rays depends on the size of the affected item and can include the following reactions: Grid lines get “broken” (i.e. they simply stop somewhere or are shifted), or grid systems or water veins are reflected (i.e. multiplied or widened). This projection of radiation can also go through walls. Radiation may be projected by the bathroom mirror, e.g., to the adjacent bedroom, without the radiation losing its impact. In my experience, projected radiation can be stronger than the naturally occurring radiation. Many people think that radiation can be shielded by covering the mirror with a big towel or blanket, however, this is not the case and a big misapprehension.

Radiesthecists with lacking education:

It happens sometimes that a radiesthecist has looked at a sleeping place before me, but the bed is still in a place exposed to radiation at the radiestecist’s recommendation. How can this be explained? Many dowsers haven’t had any training and never really occupied themselves intensively with the complexity of radiesthesia. There is no standardized, homogenous training in radiesthesia. Because of that, some dowsers’ work may be faulty due to a lack of knowledge.

Every serious radiesthecist has to know the different types of radiation. Some dowsers still believe that it is enough to search for water veins only. This is simply wrong. A dowser searching for all the above mentioned types of radiation will need about one hour to examining a room that is about 20 to 25 m2.

Electric smog: A serious radiesthecist has to be competent when it comes to both high and low frequency range electric smog and have the suitable measuring devices. Electric smog is always measured with the appropriate gauges and not with the divining rod.

Dowsing from a distance: Some radiesthecists offer the dowsing of bedrooms via a plan from a distance at a very low price. The quality of dowsing from a distance is dubious, taking into consideration that the challenge is big enough on site with eight different types of radiation.

Shielding devices: Unfortunately, many radiesthecists sell so-called shielding devices to generate additional income. Those are devices, contraptions or simply cardboard platelets with certain symbols that are supposed to make the sleeping places free of radiation. I have spent a lot of time examining shielding devices and have found that there are no long-term studies on the efficacy of these devices, and there is no evidence of the actual efficacy either. The only expedient and serious method is to move the bed to a place as neutral as possible, when there is indeed radiation.

Case studies radiesthesia:

I was called to a radiesthetic examination in Traisen, Lower Austria. A woman had fallen ill with cancer. I was able to confirm after the examination that her sleeping place was highly exposed to radiation. A water vein and an aquiferous fault were running right through the abdomen and chest area, and furthermore there was an intersection of the Curry grid. The couple were sleeping in a water bed. The sleeping place of the family’s shepherd’s dog was in exactly the same spot on the floor underneath. The man asked me why the dog had been sleeping there, dogs being known for fleeing from radiation. I couldn’t answer the question, but knew from books that dogs usually really avoid places that are exposed to radiation. We went down to look at that room. I dowsed the dog’s sleeping place, and the radiation was as strong as on the floor above. The man then told me that the dog had died two years before that after he had been diagnosed with a six kilo tumor.

I believe that pets nowadays are often denaturized and have lost this sensitivity regarding radiation in part.

In December 2008, I performed a radiesthetic examination in a little town in the Steyr-Land district. The couple’s sleeping place was in a disadvantageous spot: two aquiferous faults and projected radiation via a mirror in the adjacent bathroom, which projected radiation above the beds. I found an alternative sleeping place for the couple in another room and conjured them to change their sleeping place. In February 2010, more than one year later, the woman called and told me that she had been diagnosed with cancer. Her 12 cm tumor had been surgically removed. She informed me that her husband and she hadn’t changed their sleeping place, as I had recommended to them. The reason was that their grown-up children, who lived in the same house, wanted to keep the room recommended by me as a guestroom. Eventually the children allowed their parents to use that room as their sleeping room after all, since the woman’s sickness was rather serious at that point.

This example goes to show that many people are unwilling to accept something they can’t see and understand. They are not aware that this ignorance may endanger their own lives and the lives of their loved ones.

Another example from Lower Austria: In 2010, I had a radiesthetic examination in the house of a man whose wife had died from cancer in 2009. She had been a radiesthecist herself and tried to preventatively shield certain types of radiation in the bedroom. Furthermore, they had been sleeping on a waterbed, since the man was suffering from back pain. The man had fallen ill with tongue cancer a few months after his wife’s death. I examined his bedroom and found a few intersections of strong types of radiation in the bed area. Since I couldn’t find a suitable sleeping place in this room, I searched for a place in another room and also advised him to pass on the waterbed.

Regarding shielding: Even though the shielding devices in the bedroom were “active”, I was able to discern all types of radiation, i.e. the shielding was useless.

In autumn 2010 I examined the bedroom of a woman in the greater St. Pölten area. One side of the double bed turned out to be highly exposed to radiation. The woman told me that she was sleeping on this side and that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer a few years before that. I asked her if someone else had been lying in the same place before her. She said that her father had slept there. He had died of lung cancer.

This example shows how precisely radiation impacts the human body.

I was asked to do a radiesthetic examination in the Zwettl area in Lower Austria. Both the wife and the husband had cancer. Their sleeping place was highly exposed to radiation. I found an alternative sleeping place for the couple. They told me about another couple in Vienna, of which the husband had fallen ill with stomach cancer and died from it. For whatever reason, the wife decided to sleep in exactly the same place as her husband. She fell ill with stomach cancer three years later and has died in the meantime.

When people fall ill with cancer and get therapies but don’t change their sleeping place, I always compare that to an atomic reactor having a negative impact on people while they are sleeping. Then, traditional medical therapies can often not lead to the best possible results. Cancer treatment would definitely be more effective if this factor was taken into account.

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