The female summer type

The colours of a summer landscape resemble a painting made with pastel colours, even the luscious tones seem muffled. The green of the leaves is deeper in summer, muffled with shades of blue, which make the colours of spring cooler, as if they reflected the delicate blue of the summer sky. The warmth of the summer sun seems to bleach the colours to pastel colours, purple turning into lavender and mauve, and the gentle breeze hardly moves the leaves, which danced in the lively winds of spring. Summer is characterized by the gentleness of expression, there is something luxurious to it.

The female summer type:

Personal colour scheme: Women with the summer colour scheme are the most feminine ones and love luxury most. The female summer type is usually

Physical traits:

The summer type’s relaxed personality and her soft, calm, melodic voice are characteristic. Her fingers are usually long, slim and pointed. Her gestures are soft and gracious, she’s not clumsy. She walks lightly and elegantly. Her movements are sleek and smooth.

Personality traits (these are general tendencies of women with a summer colour scheme, no individual characterization):

The summer type is best characterized by the word “femininity”. She is expressively beautiful, and her calm, relaxed manners and the calmness surrounding her make her stand out. She has somewhat formal ways and may be perceived as reserved and impersonal. She has long-term friendships but tends not to let her friends get too close or make them confidants. She hardly ever displays her feelings, but there’s a warmth to her character that’s not visible at first glance. She is an example of humbleness in its highest form. She loves beautiful things, elegance and sophistication. She surrounds herself with an illusion of softness and fineness. She thinks in great detail but often holds back with her opinion. She pays attention to details, is precise when it comes to planning and executing things, and she likes things to be organized. Female summer types like to write, draw and paint, sew, knit or play the piano. She is particularly suited to work in the retail of jewelry or perfume or as a nurse.

Colours for the summer type:

Blue: marine, jeans, steel, smoke, azure, turquoise-blue, lavender

Grey: silver-grey in different degrees of lightness

Red: raspberry, watermelon, soft burgundy red, bordeaux, azalea, ruby to eggplant, cherry-red

Pink: dusky pink, peony, blue rose, soft violet tones, cool violet

Green: grey blue-green, turquoise green, mint, jade, woodruff

Brown: cocoa-brown light to dark with pinkish undertone

Yellow: lemon, light yellow, chrysanthemum

Muffled colours that seemed tinged with blue, grey or pink correspond to the harmony of the summer type.

Ornaments: Image consulting: Softly curved S-lines emphasize the expression of the summer type. An S-line is the most feminine and most beautiful line, which expresses softness and elegance and seems to flow, such as the petals of roses or lilies.

Effects: Image consulting: The structure and tissue of the fabrics is very important for the summer type. Velvet, soft knits, crepe de chine, tulle, taffeta, batiste, chiffon, lace and broderie anglaise are highly recommended. The female summer type should be careful not to reduce the expression of her personality through either flamboyant or bland clothes. The summer type can wear feathers, red roses, hats or veils. Ribbons also suit her better than any other type. She may also wear clothes with shimmering beading as well as ornaments in her hair, such as flowers or little combs. Those flowers are characteristic for the summer type that have long stems or whose petals are like cascades (larkspur, fuchsias, lilies etc). Ornaments shouldn’t be stiff but convey movement, like a butterfly or a flying bird.

Metals: Silver, platinum or very light rose-gold in soft, creative designs correspond to the summer type character. Gems should shine rather than sparkle, pearls are very suitable. The summer type woman can wear several strings or layers of small stones that don’t seem too heavy. The summer type should make sure not to be literally crushed by too massive or dramatic jewelry in order not to lose the most precious part of her charisma: softness.

Lipstick: blue-red tones are very suitable for the summer type.

Perfume: The summer type should always have a soft trail of perfume behind her, but she shouldn’t use it so generously that it becomes obtrusive.

Focal points of the personality: Image consulting: Those designs should be picked from the huge range of clothing that support the expression of the summer type’s personality and enhance her individuality best. The signals clothing sends are nonverbal communication. Including design to express a trait of her personality helps the summer woman to present herself successfully and become interesting to other people.

The following keywords contain a few possibilities of expression that correspond to most summer types naturally: femininity, fineness, luxuriousness, softness, grace, gentleness, finesse, kindness.

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