Are spiritual healers allowed to accept money?

I work full-time as a spiritual healer myself and would like to get rid of the old cliché that healers must not accept any or only a voluntary fee. According to some stories, the healer’s work won’t help the client if the healer takes money. Old popular beliefs state that a spiritual healer must not ask for money himself.

However, spiritual healing nowadays is a service occupation just like any other, and hence it is ok to take money for it. By now, there are about 25,000 energy practitioners in Austria trying to help people. Of those, about 100 to 200 work full-time in this field. The others work as a healer part-time or have not registered their work as a trade. There are about 13,000 doctors in Austria that make between 4,000 and 100,000 Euro per month. Consider the difference: no patient has second thoughts when his or her doctor accounts a suitable fee for the service rendered. Many patients aren’t even aware how much the consultation with a doctor or surgery cost, since the fee is balanced directly with the social insurance. That way, it is easy for patients to think that traditional medical treatments are free of cost.

When a spiritual healer accounts a salary for the time that he works for a client, it is always perceived as morally questionable by the society. However, when someone works as a spiritual healer full-time, he or she has to make a living, including taxes and charges.

An old wisdom has proven to be true: when I was giving people free treatments as a spiritual healer, the clients were mostly ungrateful, even though I was able to help them with their health problems. They didn’t show any appreciation or respect for my work.

Furthermore, I would like to mention that I have documented many cases as a spiritual healer, in which I naturally accounted a salary and the clients recovered. (Article: Stadt-Land-Zeitung).

I would like to point to the old cosmic law: Taking and giving have to be balanced.

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