Spiritual healers in Austria

I, Günther Offenberger, have been working as a spiritual healer since 2003, full-time since 2005. My great-grandfather was also a well-known spiritual healer in Austria and was able to support the healing process in both human beings and animals.

The Austrian traditional form of spiritual healing can be traced back to the twelfth century, according to written documents. The healer mentally tries to avert the illness and activate the healing process. Most healers take the phases of the moon into consideration (waxing moon and decreasing moon), full moon and new moon being special days. The method of “averting” isn’t only used for human beings but also for animals. This was especially important in former centuries since the rural population couldn’t afford either a doctor or a veterinarian for their livestock. Besides the healer, there were the “herb woman”, the “band aid maker” and the “bone healer”.

The old traditional method of “averting the illness” is hardly used anymore by spiritual healers in Austria.

Nowadays, there are different forms of healing, and every day these are probably joined by one or two new methods. In the end, they all aim at the same: helping the human being or the animal.

Spiritual healing can serve as a supportive measure to complement a traditional medical therapy and can be applied to many different areas. When traditional medicine hits the brick wall and patients are told that they are beyond treatment, I as a spiritual healer don’t give up on a single client. Ethical principles are of the highest priority to me: neither do I promise recovery nor do I make a diagnosis for the patient.

Many of my clients suffer from serious illnesses or illnesses that are incurable, according to traditional medicine, such as colitis ulcerativa, Crohn’s disease, Bekhterev’s disease, Parkinson, multiple sclerosis, allergies and cancer. Besides, people with psychological diseases such as burn-out, anxiety states or schizophrenia come to see me.

I have found two approaches that work very well for me as a spiritual healer: either the client makes an appointment with me and comes to see me personally so I can work with his or her energy field, or I work from a distance with a photo (distance healing), i.e. the client is not physically present. This approach is very advantageous when the client suffers from a serious illness or lives far away from me.

Traditional medicine often refers to the placebo effect as explanation for the effectiveness of spiritual healing. However, I have worked with people in a coma, babies or animals, in which cases the placebo effect is impossible, and my work still led to success.

In the respective case studies, the doctors in charge had very little or no hope that the people affected could recover. I have managed to activate the process of self-healing in thousands of people that came to see me. Many of them have made a full recovery.

As a spiritual healer in Austria, you are considered a quack or charlatan not only by most doctors or pharmacists but also by the population. In my opinion, spiritual healing has its place in Austria, since I have documented many cases in which people had been given up on by traditional medicine and recovered after all. By now, there are some doctors that are very open to spiritual healing.  The pressure from the Austrian Medical Chamber, however, is so strong that the doctors don’t want to publicly admit their interest. It would be great to be able to give lectures about my approach at Austrian universities. This is very common at universities in the USA or Great Britain.

Scientific double-blind studies were performed on spiritual healing in the USA. Spiritual healing can help, as was demonstrated clearly by the results.

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