Colour advice for men

Already Suzanne Caygill, the pioneer of color consultation in the 1940s, differed between male and female coloration. Colors from the mineral realm, you seemed to be more suitable than the flowers or blossoms, which she assigns to women for men. The shades on the basis of minerals or metals have a strong color intensity, which corresponds to a quasi-masculine color quality. Suzanne Caygill differentiated in their deliberations four main types whose names are still used by many color consultants: spring, summer, autumn and winter. The naming of these types according to the four seasons should help to understand their customers and clients for their own color palette.

With a color consultation form your eyes, hair and skin color, the base color to create your passport, which is a harmonious extension of your natural color palette. Their individual coloring includes, by the nature of the colors in your wardrobe should be marked: warm or cool, clear or muffled, weak or strong color contrasts. But they are also available, which should predominate colors in your wardrobe. The combinations of individual shades are made visible in a color consultation with large towels.

In practice, my advice is usually one main type of the four seasons (spring, summer, autumn, winter), which is complemented by the colors from other palettes.

The natural appeal and charisma of every human being to express the goal of my advice. I choose the colors for you so that your hair and eye color can develop their luminosity and they emphasize your face advantageous. And I also take account of the requirements for your professional wardrobe.

You will then receive advice on the passport with a color fabric swatches that you can use when choosing your clothing.

The color consultation takes place in daylight and unadorned. Please contribute to the consultation no tinted contact lenses and color your hair is not immediately before. The color of the renewable hairline – and thus your natural hair color – can be included in the consultation.

Please bring, in terms of the style advice, pants, jackets, shirts, ties and shoes in different styles and designs. A practical advice is important to me.

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